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Chester Everett McGraw

Twenty-five years ago his debut novel Callaghan's Will exploded onto the literary scene with a 72-week stay on the New York Times best-seller list. A string of disappointments followed, each effort garnering greater scorn than its predecessor. Then, suddenly, he was back, with a brilliant work that returned him to the top of the heap. Since then he has enjoyed one towering success after another, each earning lavish praise, numerous awards, and an outrageous fortune. Now he lives at a reclusive, sprawling west Texas ranch, from which he delivers an annual best-seller with a regularity that other authors only dream of. But, as it turns out, not without help.

Skip Larson

Ten years ago, Skip's debut novel Travis Heights sparked praise from the critics, but little in the way of financial gain. Although subsequent efforts were equally well received, each found an increasingly small readership. Remaining faithful to his dream cost him his family and self-respect. Each new novel represents a chance at redemption, for success would justify the awful sacrifices he has endured. But success, and redemption, elude him. He is ready to quit . . . until the chance of a lifetime offers itself.

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