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We had scouted this wonderful dam on the Blanco River for months and given the Texas summers, barely a trickle had ever seeped past its wall. For our movie, the hero would navigate his escape along the base with gunfire coming from the far bank.

Days before filming, the rains came. Water everywhere--spilling over the top and making rushing streams over slippery algae-laden rocks. It reminded us of the dam scene from “The Fugitive,” albeit a very low-budget “Fugitive,” but we are ecstatic. Jeff and I guide actor Craig Nigh about 50 yards to the far side. Several stumbles. We don’t mind our getting hurt as much as any harm to our actors or crew. Plus the thought of our insurance agent lovingly calculating a bigger bill haunts us.

Craig performs fantastically. We wade back; DP Alex Walker, who’s been filming the long shot from afar, says it doesn’t work. He wants to be closer so he and our noble cameraman Jacob Berardi enter the drink. With the rented $80,000 Arri Alexi Mini movie camera in tow. Plus vintage lenses. Plus our heart-popping anxiety. Another 50 yards with ultra-careful footing, and the entourage is on the opposite bank. Craig’s freezing but bravely slides down the dam (damn?) ramp and takes several planned tumbles into the river. After 20 or so cuts, we’re relieved to have everyone and equipment safely on dry land. The footage is wonderful!

But Craig realizes he’s lost his wedding ring, not a ring from a real wife but the ring from his fake movie wife. Jeff and I search the swirling water but it’s hopeless. Now we’ll have to pay Amazon.comanother $14.99 and hope the ring arrives on time. Will Craig’s movie wife understand?

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