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There we were, enjoying a beer while scouting the Celis Brewery taproom as a potential location for our film when in walked the perfect person for a significant supporting role. Only I was too busy to notice, lost as I was in the refreshing glass of suds in my hand. Fortunately, Ray was not. He immediately began chatting the young woman up. “Would you happen to be an actor?” I heard him ask. She flashed a smile and I knew she was hooked, or at least interested in learning more about the opportunity. Ray filled her in with the details and gave her his card. He then turned toward me and said, “This is my co-producer.”

“Hi, I’m Jeff,” I said as I stuck out a hand. “You’d really be perfect for the role.”

She blushed a bit and the three of us chatted amicably about the project. We broke the news that the role would be as a hired killer. She remained interested. Hoping to seal the deal I said, “You know, this is exactly how Lana Turner was discovered, except she was in a malt shop instead of a taproom.

Now you know who Lana Turner is

Ray laughed and said, “Jeff, you’re showing your age; she has no idea who Lana Turner is.”

The puzzled look on our potential cast member’s face backed him up. Judging from her youthful appearance, she probably was born after the Hollywood legend had moved on to that great silver screen in the sky. She let me off easy, though, by saying, “That sounds great.”

“Indeed it does,” I said and handed her my card.

Later, when Ray and I were alone, we both expressed hope that we would hear back from our budding star. She texted us the next day. Lana Turner, look out!

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