Body Disposal

In every murder movie, the killer inevitably faces one problem—how to get rid of the body!

For “Writer’s Block,” the prop body (we’ll call it Bernie) was a $19 Walmart Halloween skeleton with clay, bubble packing, paint, and fake blood. Filming had wrapped and the problem was, for some reason, my wife Scarlett gets extremely scared when discovering Bernie in the house.  So Bernie spent his days and nights in the shed under a tarp.  But the thought of that “corpse” laying 50 feet from the residence didn’t sit well with her.

We had no wood chipper as in “Fargo.”  Besides, I wanted to save some of Bernie’s parts for future movie historians (lol). With a hacksaw, off came the head.  Kept an arm too and the rest fit nicely in the City of Austin waste container.  So easy,.. why do movie killers fret about it so much?  To date, the police have not visited my house for questioning.

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